Monday, March 1, 2010


Wearing this outfit all i could think about what the episode of Sex and the city where Carrie and Berger have an argument about scrunchies! I'm all for scrunchies!

Yesterday Dave and i had a great day out.
We went to vegiebar for lunch, saw shutter island and i met up with a friend who has just moved to Melbourne!

Loving all black outfits at the moment, i dont know when it going to wear off. How very Melbourne of me!

Vintage jacket, Stylestalker boho dress, Wittner boots, Sportsgirl bag, Von Treskow earrings and ring (coins), San cere bracelets, Samantha Wills ring, Mari Cino necklace.


Anonymous said...

hi!! i love your blog, weird comment but if you ever want to sell your stylestalker dress please let me know i have been trying to track one down for a while!

Megan said...

Hi and thank you!
I am going to email you now because i have found you a brand spankin' new one! x

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
I sent an email to maria but she said they dont stock that dress anymore as its from a previous season :(
oh well, thankyou so much for trying anyway!!