Thursday, October 25, 2012

Call of Napoleon.

I'm kind of in love with Meli and Steen, have been for quite some time.

Meli makes these amazing videos of Steen working and ever since watching the first one (which you can see HERE!) I've wanted to take photos in front of his art. This was a complete coinsidence, I was just staying in the area, but the skull is the perfect backdrop and these photos are my favourite in quite some time.

I also need to talk about these leggings. Call of Napoleon by Black Milk. They're are intense! I am so in love with them - the print, the colours and the history.
Wearing Black Milk leggings, American Apparel beanie, EF jacket and Samantha Wills lapis ring - all other jewels from Tiffany, Prouds and Greece.

Photos by Melanie Savic.


Princess Pink said...

Hi Megan :) Love this outfit- Ive just discovered your blog! Also If you ever decide to sell your Le Chat Noir please let me know! xx

Megan Desmond. said...

Thank you! If I ever sell it, I will do so on the buy, swap and sell page on Facebook.