Monday, October 8, 2012

Hopelessly Devoted to You.

I don't quite know how this shoot came together, Stephanie and I both wanted to do something different to what we had been doing and I had just came across Lana Del Rey - Born to Die thanks to a handsome friend. I was in this almost dream state, feeling whimsical and romantic, listening to Radio at least five times a day! Another night, with the same handsome friend, I wore a beautiful dress with a train made by my friend Joanne so I got her to custom make one for this shoot, using Italian Tulle as I'd fallen in love with the fairy like feel of trains and tulle.

What I love most about Hopelessly Devoted to You is everything (except one white lace American Apparel bralette and a Topshop hat) is handmade and designed right here in Melbourne and since I've been styling shoots, I've loved getting to know all the amazingly talented people here and they have been so generous with lending me product to work with.

I hope you love this set as much as I do.

Model: Georgina @ Giant.
Photos: Stephanie Cammarano.
Stylist: Megan Desmond.
Van Dyke Brown prints: Ellie Young @ Gold Street Studios.
Make up: Sarah Baxter.
Hair: Megan Desmond @ Hairroom Salons Melbourne.

Clothing and Jewellery:
American Apparel.

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