Friday, June 21, 2013


One of my favourite places on Earth. This was my second visit to Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. It looked even better this time around in the sunshine, although it was super hot and made it harder to walk around (especially because I made the mistake of wearing Jelly Bean Sandals!), but nothing would stop me from exploring this special place. 

We didn't do the tour inside Neuschwanstein this visit, it is still pretty fresh in my mind and although we would have liked to, there was only a super late tour. Instead we went through Hohenschwangau Castle, which I am so glad about because it is amazing. It was the family retreat for Maximilian II and his wife Marie, it is no where near as big as Neuschwanstein, but still charming. Their son, Ludwig II became king and built his dream castle Neuschwanstein and sadly the castle was never completed. I believe it would have been the most amazing castle/palace ever made. It is unlike any other, a true piece of art! Often called The Fairytale Castle because of how unique it is and also as it inspired Walt Disney.

After walking out of the gardens at Hohenschwangau we had to come through the forest to get back to the village. Most of these photos were taken on this walk, when we came to the bottom there was the most beautiful coloured lake I have ever seen.

If you go to Europe or Germany you HAVE to visit Bavaria, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau! We have stayed in Munich both times and done day trips using the train although I would recommend staying close to the castle so you can spend two days doing tours of both castles, hiking through the forest, swimming in the lake (if you visit in summer, of course!) and taking it all in. 

All photos by myself. 

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