Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Valley of Butterflies.

Located on the island Rhodes, about half an hour away from the town is The Petaloudes Valley, home to the Jersey Tiger Moth. We only saw a handful flying around as it is their resting period and when not in flight they are camouflaged with the trees. The land was so lush and the sun shone through the treetops causing shadows and little rays of light. You can't make much noise in case you disturb the resting moths, making it as serene as it looks until you see a little yellow or orange flutter and your heart skips a beat because you've spotted one. I can only imagine how whimsical it would be when they are all fluttering around. 

All photos by myself. 


Anita said...

These photos are spectacular,mInhave not heard of this place, yes it is whimsical and you get a feel of Lord of the Rings, ELVES kingdom thanks xx Mum

Anonymous said...

Amazing photography, Megan, stunning and beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to seeing and reading more about it. Great work. Jeanette