Monday, July 8, 2013

Scandinavian sunrise.

There are so many thoughts that come into my mind when I look at these photos. Firstly, this morning changed my life. My first proper sunset! I was in Stockholm and had been out the night before, most bars shut at 2am so we went to our new friends hotel which had a jetty out front which we sat on and I took these photos. I started taking them at 2am and finished at 4am, such an early start to the day, the sun almost never set. We can't remember it ever being pitch black.

The water was so still and the clouds reflected in it. So whimsical and perfect I wanted to jump in and just float, but instead I took off my Acne boots and spent the morning dancing to Tracey Chapman and Roxette on repeat.

I hope these are as magical for you to look at as they are for me and they inspire you to live free, be strong and do whatever makes you happy. 

All photos by myself. 

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