Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bondi Beach, baby.

I've just come home from a quick trip to Sydney over the long weekend. I was thrilled to be able to shoot this piece for Save The Last Pinker on Bondi Beach!

My blog is all about myself and Melbourne, however I love to travel whether it's near or far. Sydney stole a little piece of my heart this visit. I was so inspired by all the colours which seemed to follow me wherever I went... the art at the skatepark, jewel toned terrace houses, the moody blue sky and the flawless sand. 

Anyway, back to the jewellery... where to start! This stone changed my life. It draws out negative energy, invokes inner strength, draws out guilt and reverses destructive emotional programming, heals heartache, strengthens character and empowers feminine energy. 

I have always been into crystal healing, angels and tools such as oracle cards and so on, but after a relationship ending last year I really delved back into it in full force. And it was because of this stone, it found me and resonated with me more than any stone has before. 

When I first saw this ring, I almost fainted. My stars had alligned! I already had a huge chrysocolla ring, but this Pushmataaha piece really blew me away as it's simple, yet edgy, a statement piece that is not over the top, but holds it's own. 

The arrow symbolises aiming for your dreams. Something that speaks volumes to me right now. Never stop dreaming, but more importantly, never stop believing in yourself! 

Pushmataaha chrysocolla arrow ring, Uniqlo shirt, Acne jeans and boots. 

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