Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clear quartz with a side of cacti.


I am ecstatic to be blogging for Save The Last Pinker for the month of June. If you follow my blog and/or Instagram you will understand that jewellery is definitely my thing. It all started in primary school when those rubber bangles with glitter in the inside were all the rage and it snowballed from there. In high school I started making my own beaded earrings and come my late teens I was dreaming of the day I would own cocktail rings like Rachel Zoe and Mary Kate Olsen wore and my style became a bit more sophisticated. 

You name it, I've tried it and now as an adult I have definitely found my feet when it comes to my jewellery style. I definitely lust for rings more than anything and have a pretty epic collection. I opt for a lot of crystal and semi precious stone jewellery, usually set in silver and mixed with a statement or cocktail ring. Even if it isn't cocktail hour. 

When I saw these Kyrstle Knight rings I knew instantly I wanted both and knew I would wear them on these fingers. I love layers. The whole Krystle Knight range is beautiful, crisp and extremely versatile. Clear quartz is exciting for me too, as a big believer in crystal healing I am excited to have this beautiful cleansing and energy raising stone now in my collection. 

Wearing the Double Spell and Vapor rings by Krystle Knight and my own moonstone ring. 

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