Monday, June 14, 2010

Mall rat.

I am not a jeans wearer. I cant stand them, i never feel comfortable in them and i dont think they are flattering on me at all.
I definately live in my leggings, I bought these thermal pants to wear as leggings for winter.

Was in dire need of some sparkling water, cereal and the new issue of shop.

Frances Smily oh my darling chiffon wrap, River island blazer, K-mart thermals, Jewellery from Greece and Venice.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I like the heavy leggins maybe a lighter weight would have looked better with the outfit but I did appreciate the outfit and the frances smiley cammie under jacket

Anonymous said...

Love the boots

Anonymous said...

A little too busy. You have some fantastic pieces in here but on their own would do them justice. They just do not work together.

Megan said...

I love the wrap under the blazer! I cant wait to play around with all my other styles with my plain coloured blazers also!

I wore light black leggings all through europe and i am a bit over them! Playing around with all styles, i wish they were more of a charcoal but thats all they had, im on the hunt though. Thanks for your compliments!

I love the boots also! Exactly what i have been looking for for a long time!

Thanks for looking at my blog and for your comments! I know this outfit is very colourful and not everyones cup of tea and i generally dont go this extreme but like i said after wearing the same things overseas i am so happy to be home and playing with my wardrobe!

MelEll said...

LOVE love LOVE this blazer!

Megan said...

Mel, i love it too! When i saw it i had to buy it! The colours melt my heart.. So sad you couldn't buy it online!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blogg and enjoy the comments you are given and your respones well done - Anita