Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Garden party.

This would have to be my most worn top in Europe, i love it so much.
It goes with everythig and glams up any plain black outfit.

These photos were taken in Kensington gardens in London, home of Queen Victoria and Princess Diana.
The aroma from the gardens is beyond words.

Two of my wardrobe staples are these boots and my bandage skirt. Always a last minute go to.
Because i wear alot of colourful jackets, you cant go wrong!

Frances Smily top, Topshop sunglasses, Wittner boots and Dotti skirt, Stockings and singlet from Kmart.


Zoe said...

I loveeee this outfit babe, so cute. good boho hair too

Megan said...

Thanks! Had boho hair the whole trip! No choice!