Tuesday, June 15, 2010

il diario di moda italiano.

Some of my photos from Italy.
We had strange weather, it rained most days but the sun always came out at least once a day.
Venice was fabulous, I had no expectations and i absoloutley fell in love. Especially with the murano glass jewellery.
Seeing the history in Rome was amazing, the middle photos are from St Peters square.
Wearing some of my purchases:
 Khaki green swatch watch, white murano glass ring, navy leather bag and Topshop sunglasses.

My daily uniform was definately my bandage skirt and lace ups with a touch of Frances Smily to jazz up an otherwise very basic combo.

Dotti skirt (No longer in stock, i reccomend pleasure doing business ), Grey Kain tee, Wittner boots, San Cerre bracelet, Everything else is Frances Smily.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered youf blog and love it

i also LOVE your hair colour, its the colour i've wanted for ages but no one can achieve it

gorgeous x

Megan said...

Thanks Jesse,
You should take a photo of my locks to your hairdresser and they can go by that!
I am a hairdresser and always easier if someone has a photo!
Good luck x