Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bianco nero.

Here i am at Versailles palace. 
I wore this Frances Smily dress knowing i would get photos in this particular setting.
I love the combo of black and white. 
The marble is actually pink, which is beautiful. 

Versailles was my favourite part of France.

Frances Smily dress, Supre leggings, Office brogues, Tiffany and San Cerre jewels.


Frances said...

I don't think I got these pics, I love them

Sam said...

These are my favbourite. You look so carefree and beautiful! The dress is fantastic

Sam said...


Anonymous said...

The setting and the outfit really go together well sorted, make sure you send them to Frances Smiley

Megan said...

Thanks everyone! Yes i have sent them to Frances! I love the outfit and the black and white floor.... <3

Anonymous said...

i really love this dress but can't find it on the website, do they still have it?